How Does it Work? Investigating the Science Behind Feliway: How Does it Work?

Feliway is a synthetic recreation of a natural feline facial pheromone and is used to help cats reduce stress and anxiety. It is also available as a spray, diffuser, or wipes for use on cats’ bedding and carriers. Feliway is designed to help cats feel more secure and relaxed in their environment, making it an excellent choice for cats with stress-induced behavior problems.

Feline facial pheromones are chemical substances that cat cats use to help them communicate with each other and identify their territories. When cats rub their cheeks and chin on walls, they leave behind a stench that other cats can recognize. This scent is a sign of stability and protection, and it makes cats feel more secure in their environment. Feliway’s synthetic pheromone gives cats the same sense of stability, without the need for them to identify their territory.

When Feliway is released into the air, it mimics this natural facial pheromone, resulting in a soothing and reassuring effect. To humans, the pheromone is odorless, but cats can smell it and become more relaxed. Feliway is supposed to minimize stress-related habits such as spraying, scratching, and hiding. Multiple cats can also be used to create a more calming environment for multiple cats in the same household.

Feliway is expected to be effective for up to four weeks after being first introduced. It should be used in a region where the cat spends the most time, such as their bed or carrier. The diffuser should be placed at the cat’s eye level, and the spray should be used on surfaces that the cat is likely to come into contact with. It is important to note that Feliway should not be used in conjunction with other calming products or medications as this could result in an overdose.

Feliway is a safe and convenient way to help cats reduce stress and anxiety. Feliway can make cats more comfortable and relaxed in their environment by instilling a sense of safety and security. It’s important to use Feliway as directed and to consult with a veterinarian if you have any questions regarding your cat’s behavior.